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Welcome to Farfaras dental clinic, Paphos.

We are established in Paphos since 1979 at the old town area, now we moved to our new modern and fully equipped clinic with the latest technology, which is located in the city center. Our clinic consist of two highly trained dentists that are always following and learning new techniques, to be able to provide the best possible treatment to our patients.

Why Clients Choose Us?
  • A wide range of dental services
  • We are family clinic
  • Individual approach to patient
  • Patient safety treatment
  • Training of medical personnel

Our Clients Say


I do not like dentist. A deep rooted fear from childhood. Imagine the stress when I dislodged a tooth while in Cyprus on holiday…

This was by far the best experience I have ever had. Dr Savvas Farfaras was very understanding and patient with me. Explained everything and fixed my tooth without me passing out or running screaming from the building. And the price was extremely good.

Highly recommend.

Lee Phillips

I would highly recommend this dentist. I had a very painful tooth absess after leaving my tooth half way through a root canal treatment from another dentist in pafos ( due to the pain every time I visited)
So eventually the tooth got a bad infection. After 1 week I’m now pain free & the tooth treated successfully for the root canal.
Thanks � & I would recommend you without hesitation.
Excellent competitive prices as well not the stupid prices that some dentists charge here in cyprus.


Joanne Lythgoe

Joanne Lythgoe

Having a scare factor of dentists, here you are made to feel very comfortable indeed, and what I liked most, when I informed dentist how scared I was he reassured me the whole way through the 6 weeks of treatment… A very big thank you… And will not hesitate coming again.

Nicola Hay

Nicola Hay

Dr Savvas Farfaras is a fantastic dental surgeon: highly informative about the procedures, fantastic people’s personality, exceptionally well kitted and the latest modern technologies, great sense of humour when applicable, highly qualified, fabulous jobs ….. root canal treatments … and latest whitening procedures/techniques …..crowns and fillings ……… “Thank you, Dr Savva!” ☆☆☆☆☆

Elizabeth W Rossocha – Thain

Elizabeth W Rossocha – Thain

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